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SEPTEMBER 15, 2000 

Navy and Marine Corps Medical News (MEDNEWS) is a weekly 
compendium of news and information contributed by commands 
throughout the Navy medical department . Information contained 
in MEDNEWS stories is not necessarily endorsed by Navy Bureau of 
Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) , nor should it be considered 
official Navy policy. 

BUMED distributes MEDNEWS to Sailors and Marines, their 
families, civilian employees and retired Navy and Marine Corps 
families. Further distribution is highly encouraged. 

Stories in MEDNEWS use these abbreviations after a Navy 
medical professional 's name to show affiliation: MC — Medical 
Corps (physician) ; DC - Dental Corps; NC - Nurse Corps; MSC - 
Medical Service Corps (clinicians, researchers and 
administrative managers) . Hospital Corpsmen (HM) and Dental 
Technician (DT) designators are placed in front of their names. 



— Orthodontist brings optimization to Zama 

— Town hall meetings educate about FEHBP 

— NH Jax has newest mender of the ASBS 

— Upcoming symposium focuses on health excellence 

— TRICARE question and answer 

— Anthrax question and answer 

— HEALTHWATCH: Does your computer cause eyestrain? 



Headline: Orthodontist brings optimization to Zama 
By Bill Doughty, U. S. Naval Hospital Yokosuka 

YOKOSUKA, Japan - In a joint effort to implement the ideas 
of optimization. Camp Zama, Japan recently welcomed its first 
orthodontist to its base. 

Army Major David Fleming provides orthodontic services to 
the Army and Navy beneficiaries and their families from 
neighboring Atsugi Air Facility . 

"The patient population at each military installation is 
too small to warrant a full— time orthodontist," said Capt. Wally 
Milnichuk, Commanding Officer of U. S. Naval Dental Center Far 
East . "However, when presented as a single catchment area the 
family member population showed there was more than enough work 
for an orthodontist . " 

For many years orthodontists from Yokota and Yokosuka 

visited the Zama-Atsugi area to provide braces, bands and wires 
to a select few. Unfortunately, this meant reduced efficiency, 
inequality, and less continuity of care for patients and 
providers . 

Just prior to the Army— Navy resource— sharing initiative. 
Navy dental leaders considered referring patients off base under 
the TRICARE Family Member Dental Plan (TFMDP) , but that 
alternative was costly. 

Each military family served by this joint effort saves 
$2, 500 in cost share per family member treated and for some 
families another $10 to $20 per month in TFMDP premiums, 
according to Milnichuk. That is another $250, 000 in military 
family dollars saved each year, he said. 

Finally, thanks to this joint resource-sharing venture, 
orthodontists at mainland Japan 's major military treatment 
facilities in Yokosuka and Yokotan now see about 8.5 percent 
more patients at their parent activities and save money 
traveling as well. 


Headline: Town hall meetings educate about FEHBP 
From TRICARE Management Activity 

WASHINGTON - The Department of Defense (DoD) has scheduled 
several town hall-style educational sessions this fall on the 
Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) demonstration 
project . 

The sessions will provide eligible beneficiaries in new and 
existing FEHBP sites information about the DoD demonstration 
project . In addition, the town hall format will allow 
participants to ask questions and hold one— on— one conversations 
with the program managers. 

The next scheduled town hall meeting will be held in Puerto 
Rico, Coffee County, Ga., Humboldt County, Ca. , Camp Pendleton, 
Ca., and Adair County, lA. Meeting times are subject to change, 
so interested persons should call the DoD Customer Care Center 
toll free at 877-DOD-FEHB (877-363-3342) to confirm the times 
and locations. For information in Spanish, call toll free at 
866-DOD-FEHB (866-363-3342) . 

The DoD now has 10 FEBHP sites and 120, 000 eligible 
beneficiaries. By statute, the demonstration is limited to no 
more than 66,000 total participants. For a complete list of ZIP 
codes in the demonstration sites, please visit the Military 
Health System/TRICARE Web site at, or 
call the DoD Customer Care Center. 

The next enrollment opportunity at all FEHBP demonstration 
sites begins Nov. 13, 2000, during the annual open season (from 
Nov. 13 through Dec. 11) . Medical coverage for new participants 
begins Jan. 1, 2001, and runs through Dec. 31, 2002. 


Headline: NH Jax has newest member of the ASBS 
By J03 LeaVonda Battle, Naval Hospital Jacksonville 
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Naval Hospital Jacksonville commends Lt. 
Cmdr. Miguel Cubano, MC, a hospital surgeon, for his selection 

into the American Society for Bariatric Surgery (ASBS) , a 
professional organization that studies the advanced specifics of 

"Bariatric surgery is a process used to help patients who 
have serious medical conditions secondary to obesity. Just 
being overweight does not make a patient a candidate for this 
surgery, " said Cubano. "For those patients that are candidates 
for the surgery, it is instrumental in assisting them to live a 
more productive and healthy lifestyle . " 

To be nominated is a selective process . Cubano had to meet 
the organization's professional criteria and receive a personal 
invitation from the organization. Cubano also needed two 
recommendations by active members of the society and was subject 
to several interviews. 

"Being selected into the ASBS is a great honor for me, 
because the process is so selective, " said Cubano. "There are 
only two physicians in Jacksonville who are members. " 

Naval Hospital Jacksonville is the only military treatment 
facility that provides bariatric surgery. Military 
beneficiaries worldwide are transferred to the hospital for the 


Headline: Upcoming symposium focuses on health excellence 
By Rod Duren, Naval Hospital Pensacola 

PENSACOLA, Fla. — Authors, fitness guru's and a marathon 
champion will all be part of the 4th Annual Health Excellence 
Symposium November 1—3 at the Beachside Resort in Pensacola 
Beach . 

The symposium promotes quality of life and prevention of 
illness through an active partnership between the military and 
civil i an communi ties. 

Registration is limited to the first 450 people who sign up 
by October 6. The cost for the 3-day conference is $60. After 
that date, the cost is $75. For those attending one day, the 
rate is $30. For students, hospital employees, and wellness 
coordinators the rate is $20. 

Special guest speakers include: 

— Dr. Amy Puis, a licensed facilitator for Dr. John Gray's 
"Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" teaching style will 
be among the headline guests. 

— Four-time New York City Marathon and four— time Boston 
Marathon winner Bill Rodgers . 

— Joe Piscatella: Founder and president of the Institute for 
Fitness and Health, a best-selling author and has appeared as 
a health authority for numerous TV shows. 

For additional information visit our website at or call (850) 

The symposium is co— sponsored by Naval Hospital Pensacola, 
Baptist Healthcare, Sacred Heart Healthcare, West Florida 
Regional Medical Center, Pensacola Junior College, University of 
West Florida, Escambia School District and the American Lung 
Association . 


Headline: Anthrax question and answer 

Question: Was the anthrax vaccine FDA— licensed at the time 
it was given to Gulf War veterans? 

Answer: Yes. The FDA licensed the anthrax vaccine in 1970. 
All of the anthrax vaccine administered during the Persian Gulf 
War was produced at the Lansing, MI, facility and released 
according to the lot-release test criteria for potency, purity, 
safety, and sterility. 


Headline: TRICARE question and answer 

Question: Can my son or daughter, who is away from home at 
college, enroll in TRICARE Prime at his college if the option is 
available there? 

Answer: For active duty families, your son or daughter may 
enroll in TRICARE Prime as an individual if the option is 
offered in his or her geographic area. Retiree's and their 
family members will have the option of split enrollments (enroll 
as a family in one region and pay one fee but be able to receive 
care for children in school in a different region) once all 
regions are up and fully functional. 


Headline: Healthwatch: Does your computer cause eyestrain? 
From Naval Medical Clinic Pearl Harbor 

PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii - People who daily use video display 
terminals (VDT) frequently complain of eyestrain . But staring at 
a monitor may not be to blame, according to research by the 
Prevent Blindness America organization. 

The problem may instead be caused by conditions surrounding 
the computer screen, many of which can be adjusted to alleviate 
the discomfort . According to the Prevent Blindness America 
organization, the eye irritation, fatigue and difficulty 
focusing may be the result of poor lighting or improper 
placement of equipment and supplies. 

Pre-existing eye problems may also be a contributing 
factor. In evaluating your workstation. Prevent Blindness 
America offers some observations about computer use: 

- Most users prefer a viewing distance of 20 to 26 inches, a 
little farther away than for reading printed text. 

- The computer screen should be placed slightly below eye 
level . 

- Reference materials should be placed on a document holder 
and moved close enough to the screen that your head does not 
have to move to view the material and the terminal. 

- Lighting should be modified to eliminate glare and harsh 
reflections . 

For more information about computers and your vision visit 
the Prevent Blindness America web page at 
ht tp : //www . preventblindness . org/ 


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